Foreign rights

Dear publishing friends,

We are very glad to present our Foreign Rights Catalogue on the Web. Here you will find presentations in English of our new and forthcoming titles and a selected backlist.

If you are interested in receiving any information about one of our titles, send us an e-mail and we will gladly reply in the next couple of days.

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Donzelli editore. A short profile

"Donzelli: books of ideas" was the first slogan thought in 1992 to launch the new independent Publishing House, that Carmine Donzelli - former chief editor at Einaudi and Marsilio's editorial director - was about to found. It still sums up the spirit of the house, publishing good books for a well-educated and refined readership, with a specific civil passion and political vocation.

Featuring a list of over 1.000 titles, Donzelli's aim is to build up a long-sellers catalogue based on History, Political and Economical studies, Philosophy, Literature and Art essays and shorter pamphlets. In these last few years we have had emphasis in the field of Fiction as well. The Fairytale and short stories Series is focused on dream world of fairy tales and fantastic Literary Fiction. More recently, the MELEDONZELLI Series, launched in May 2008, has been dedicated to contemporary high quality Literary Fiction.

Donzelli does publish nowadays around 100 titles a year, with a 40% of translations from a wide range of languages.

Donzelli Series

Saggine. Short essays. Paperback Series, usually of max. 150 pages;

Essenziali. Paperback. Essential books, on essential topics. A small series of great ideas born in the past, but strong enough to be eye-opening in the present as well.

Saggi. Trade and academic essays. Hardcover Series. It includes most of Donzelli non-Fiction list. It is divided in four categories: History & Social Sciences - Science & Philosophy - Art & Literature - Nature & Architecture;

Progetti. Hardcover essays. It's the Series for Donzelli commissioned long-terms projects;

Virgola. Paperback essays for a general readership. It includes only first published titles;

Virgolette. Paperback essays. It's the Series for the reprints of Donzelli long sellers

Biblioteca. Classic essays. Hardcover

meledonzelli. Novels, short stories, highly Literary Fiction of Italian authors as well as international ones.

Fiabe e storie. Hardcover. A Literary Fiction Series, including fairytales, shorts stories, both classical texts and contemporary authors of World literature.

Album. Hardcover. A Series of illustrated books designed by leading illustrators and artists, both for children and adults.

Poesia. Poetry Series. It includes anthologies of great international poets and original collections of some of the most relevant Italian authors.

Interventi. Paperback. A Series for current affairs and political discussion.

Manuali. Donzelli Series for companions and textbooks.